1. Sour

2. With Honey

3. With Green TeaWith Green Tea

4. With Black Tea

5. Classic - Soda

The product consists of flowering quince water only. No sugar added.

Water, flowering quince juice, honey. A drink sweetened solely with honey.

Water, flowering quince juice, cane sugar, green tea. A delicate and dry tea drink.

Water, flowering quince juice, cane sugar, black tea. Traditional Polish tea drink – tea with flowering quince in taste.

Water, flowering quince juice, cane sugar. The only sparkling and most popular one.

Unique Taste of Flowering Quince Juice Drink

Richness of Nutrients Resulting from the Use of Natural Juice


Discover a Taste of Nature with Quincesniada®

We are proud to introduce Quincesniada®. A new line of drinks created on the basis of flowering quince juice to which it owes its original taste. In the Pigwoniada drinks, you can find from 2 up to 4 ingredients. We use only the highest quality semi-finished products.

We Grow Fruits on Our Own Farm

The Ecological Farm Has a BIO CERTIFICATE